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Food Ideas That Didn't Work: The McLobster

Throughout history, there have always been great ideas that didn’t pan out. Take for instance the Titanic, the XFL, or the last six Nicholas Cage movies. Well, food is no different and every day on FoodSided, we will bring you a crazy food idea, that either didn’t work or should be discontinued soon.

Today’s installment, the McDonald’s McLobster

In theory, a lobster roll can’t really be bad. That is, unless it’s being made at McDonalds. From their Canadian website:

100% Atlantic Lobster meat is what this classic is all about. It’s the perfect combination of diced celery, light salad dressing and shredded lettuce all on a soft roll. You’ll miss it when it’s gone, so catch it while summer’s here!

Sure they claim it’s 100% Atlantic Lobster, but their meat is 100% beef and it isn’t the best quality ever. Apparently the combo meal, with fries and a soft drink, will run you around $10. The affordable lobster is made possible due to the time of year the McLobster is served (Summer) and low shipping costs to the region of Canada (and possibly New England??) it is being served.


Assuming the lobster is of good quality (a very lofty assumption), you can’t really knock a lobster roll, fries and a drink for $10.  However, you may or may not be surprised that the real product looks much different than the promotional photo. If you search Twitter (Nice Job @RickyTan888) for pictures of the real thing, you can see it a sandwich made mostly of mayonnaise, celery, green onions, and lettuce.

A nice try for from McDonald’s, but keep this one up in Canada please.







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