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Top Chef: What To Expect From Restaurant Wars


Courtesy of BravoTV

As the show stands now, there are only ten cheftestants remaining, and this Wednesday’s episode brings us Restaurant Wars!  Probably the most dreaded challenge for contestants is the most anticipated one for fans.

From one episode preview on the BravoTV website, it appears that Justin, Carlos, Nina, Shirley and Sara are teamed up as the green team. Leaving Brian, Carrie, Nicholas, Stephanie and Travis as whatever other  color team the judges assigned.

I am intrigued to see how these teams were picked. It almost seems like a bit of a mismatch. The (Insert Color Here) team has Travis, who I think is by far the worst remaining chef on the show, and Brian whose biggest triumph was making some “hip tang” hot sauce for an acid induced Dr. John. However, Stephanie and Nicholas appear to be as talented as anyone in the competition. As for Carrie, she somehow always makes her Midwestern home-style flavors work in her favor.

The green team however, seems like it has much more talented chefs. Nina has been an absolute juggernaut in this competition, and Carlos, may be the dark horse to win the whole competition.While, Shirley, Justin and Sara have been in their fair share of top three’s. Sara is the only real weak link here, and her food has been judged as such the past few episodes. This explains why the team put her and her hair in the front of the house. A good idea in theory.

However, still another preview on the Top Chef website, makes it seem like the green team’s service is a train wreck. As always, Top Chef looks at the food over everything, so I expect the green team to win and caucasian Asian, Travis to pack his knives and go.

Can’t wait for Restaurant Wars!


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