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Food News December 6th, 2013: Healthy Sprouts, Sriracha Vodka, Coffee Love

Here’s what’s in the Food News this Friday:

  • “Kid Friendly” brussels sprouts being introduced by Waitrose supermarkets in the UK. Obviously they were made sweeter, thus continuing to enable picky eaters.
  • A Few Weeks ago foodies were on the verge of rioting after there was news that a Sriracha plant in California would be shut down due to spicy odors. Now comes news that UV Vodka is introducing Sriracha Vodka. Just another food-flavored alcohol to add on to the list!
  • Starbucks will be selling a limited edition metal gift card on The card will apparently cost $450 and only have $400 of value on it. Which means you are spending $50 to prove you like Starbucks more than the person behind you in line. On the bright side the card brings you “automatic My Starbucks Rewards™ Gold-level status” and there only 1,000 to be sold.

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