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While picking up some last-minute ingredients for dinner tonight at Trader Joe’s, I was drawn in by an impulse item at the register. At a normal grocery store, you find gum, and some magazines perched at the register. At Trader Joe’s you will see items likeGreen Tea Mints and Speculoos Candy Bars. Well, a dark chocolate candy bar filled with Speculoos Cookie Spread. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t up this piece of candy and give it a review for the FoodSided community!

For those of you who don’t know, speculoos is a Dutch shortbread cookie, that has flavor that lives somewhere between ginger snaps and graham crackers. The flavor is pretty distinct and quite tasty. Among the spices giving this cookie its distinct flavor are cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, cardamom and white pepper, allowing for a sweet yet savory cookie. The “cookie spread” concept is not a new one, nor is it indigenous to Trader Joe’s speculoos has been ground into a paste with oil since a contestants on a popular Belgian television inventors competition “De Bedenkers” (The Creators) did so in 2007. Some even think this spread could become the new Nutella.


Given this distinct and honestly delicious flavor profile, I have to admit I was supremely disappointed with this product. The star of this candy should have been the speculoos spread judging by the largest print on the packaging. Unfortunately, the dark chocolate overpowered the filling, turning it into nothing more than a glorified nougat. Overall however, the candy was pretty good, as I am a sucker for dark chocolate, and for $.99, how can I really complain.

The final verdict is this, if you are looking for your first experience with speculoos, don’t waste your time confusing your palate. Instead, go buy the actual cookies or the spread, both available in the same store. However if you just need a sweet, chocolatey treat, this candy beats a 3 Musketeers any day of the week.

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