Besh Box: Product Review

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Photo Dec 10, 12 54 03 PMWhile I haven’t traveled enough in my time, I have been a few places. Of those places, the best food I have eaten has come from New Orléans, Louisiana. That’s why when I heard New Orléans chef John Besh was getting involved in a monthly superscription box, the aptly named Besh Box, I had to check it out.

If you aren’t sure who Chef Besh is, he is that New Orléans chef with a Southern/Cajun drawl, that appears on Top Chef at least once a season to make the females swoon.  As monthly subscription boxes have really taken off, this is the biggest name in the food community to get behind one. Without a doubt, a chef with Besh’s reputation wouldn’t be getting involved in a product which didn’t portray the heart of cooking, especially in New Orléans.

When I received the box in the mail, I was amazed by how big it was. I have used some of these services before, and usually you get small samples of things and nothing that substantial. As the box itself makes clear, that isn’t the case with Besh Box. Upon opening the box, my suspicions were confirmed. The Besh Box is loaded with stuff, and we aren’t talking sample sizes here people!Photo Dec 10, 12 47 46 PM

Each box that you receive has a theme that coincides with the time of year. Box themes are things like “Mardi Gras” or “The Big Game”, with this one being “Holidays From The Heart”.

The first thing I saw in my Besh Box was a cook’s towel, which when you read the description card, which explains why you received everything you did,  you find out that a new one comes every month. As someone who cooks most days and is trained in restaurant kitchens, I cannot express how important towels are to a cook. Any good line cook has at least three hiding spots for towels. You really can never get enough good towels in the kitchen, and this one is of the highest quality.

Next I noticed a one pound bag of Inglewood Pecansstraight out of Louisiana. Try one of these next to a Diamond pecan, and you will never go back to the big brand stuff. This bag alone retails for $14 on the company’s website. Next, I found a vile containing two quite large vanilla beans, which we know are quite expensive. Have I mentioned this box has some quality items inside?

After that I found a dough scraper and a pastry cutter, which gave me the impression there was another theme here. Without spoiling the whole box for you, I will say that you get recipes every month that correspond with the items inside. One of this month’s recipes is an Apple & Pear Tart w/ Pecans, straight from Chef Besh himself. (I wanted to get this review out right away, but I will be sure to bake this and post the finished product).

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