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Deep-Fried PBR Burger!

Freezing PBR and deep-frying it is impressive enough. But PYT Burgers in Philadelphia has taken things to another level with their “Beerger“. That’s right folks, this is the only Deep-Fried PBR Burger on Earth, as far as we know.

How exactly do you make a beer burger? Well like you would expect, there is a bun and a beef patty. That’s when things get interesting. The frozen Pabst Blue Ribbon (allegedly enough to require an ID check) is wrapped in wontons and a pretzel breading. That and the burger itself is combined with a mustard-dill a pickle and cheese.
Is there a better combination than beer, pretzels, mustard, and cheese? Doubtful. Unless of course you add pickles and beef!

Very impressive PYT…

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