LSU Tigers Featured On This Week's Top Chef (Les Miles Sighting?)

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Via Top Chef/LSU

Top Chef LSU New Orleans keeps rolling along, with Wednesday’s episode taking place on campus, at LSU.

As the contestants tried to cement their place on the road to the finale, they were tasked with the challenge of serving 500 students in Baton Rouge for freshman orientation. Unfortunately, Les Miles was nowhere in sight. My wonder is how the brain-trust at Bravo didn’t make a call to Les. If only they knew how entertaining he could be as a judge. After all, he is the foremost authority on eating grass, and knows how every field in the SEC tastes:

Shirley, Brian and Carlos brought forth some above average college eats, and the judges made sure to praise them for it. Ultimately, Shirley did the best job plating roast beef with potatoes and a fire-roasted tomato relish. As her prize she was awarded a Toyota Rav 4, which was obviously promoted vigorously throughout the episode.

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