Why I Hate McDonald's

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Alright, I should be clear about a few things. I do not hate McDonald’s in some sort of destructive or vindictive way. I am not on some wacko campaign against the company, like José Bové, the French farmer who in 1999 drove his tractor into a McDonald’s and dismantled it along with dozens of fellow protestors. I recognize McDonald’s’ right to exist as a company in the global market. I also believe that people have the right to eat whatever they want, no matter how good or bad. I guess what bugs me so much, is that I love food — I mean I really love food, and the food that McDonald’s puts out is, plain and simple, terrible. But so many people seem to love it, and I genuinely pity them. They are eating terrible food, and believing that it is good food. They are missing out on so much culinary pleasure! But I digress.

So, what’s my beef against Ronald? Well first, I am no fan of fast food for different reasons. I oppose it mostly because it is bland, processed food filled with chemicals and preservatives, that is targeted to appeal to mankind’s basest nutritional desires: salt, sugar, and fat. And that trifecta of addiction certainly has its place in cooking. Do not misunderstand me! But when it is added to nutrition-lacking, tasteless, processed crap just to make it appealing and addictive, that is where I draw the line. This article is about my problem with McDonald’s. But why? I can count five specific reasons why I hate Ronald and his evil empire.

1. The food is bad.

Imagine that your adorable child made a finger painting just for you. It consists of several colors smeared on a piece of paper. To you, it is very special, and in the sense that it is your child who made it, it is beautiful. But, in a truly objective, global sense, could you say that is it fine art, high art, in the same category as, say, the Mona Lisa? Would you compare it to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and argue that it is every bit as good a piece of art?

Likewise, McDonald’s is like finger painting. Sure, all of the salt, fat, and sugar that they pump into it, along with the simple carbohydrates and unnamed chemicals, appeal to our base, biological need to take in high-calorie food for survival. When we eat it, our brains release endorphins as a reward. But in an objective sense, McDonald’s food is bad. It is not good food. It is bland, processed food. It has no deep, complex, or pleasing flavors.

Moreover, it is not quality food. It is not made from fresh, flavorful ingredients. Rather, it is made from processed flour, and the worst cuts of beef. Everything is fried in cheap, unhealthy saturated fats, and everything tastes the same. In addition, the burger patties are extremely thin and dried out, and the buns, to which massive amounts of sugar is added, are made from cheap, bleached flour.

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