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Trader Joe's Rose Bowl Parade Float

Technically the entire Rose Bowl Parade has something to do with food. Every single float is made up of entirely edible, organic materials. The Trader Joe’s float takes that idea to the next level though as they created the Relish Your Dreams float for their 2014 Rose Bowl Parade Float.

The float was an homage to formage as it represented a giant cheese and relish platter transformed into a city-scape scene with 40-feet tall cheese skyscrapers.Not to mention a cheese-carved suspension bridge with olive-topped trusses. The float also came equipped with functional food transportation as they built an olive helicopter and boats made of endives moving through a sea of crackers, pickle spears, tomatoes and olives with nothing more than cheese-knife paddles. There are also 18 “peanut cars” that are featured as they move across the cheese-built bridge.

All in all the float measured in at 18 feet wide by 55 feet long. However, the real prize piece of this to me, is a minature “gherkin car,” that drove alongside the massive float. If there was ever a parade to represent food, this was it. Nice job Trader Joe’s


Great picture here from @CartanTours of the float in action.

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