Pulled Pork / The beginning!

“It is not the quantity of the meat, but the cheerfulness of the guests, which makes the feast” Edward Hyde

Christmas Dinner from The Artisanal GrillSo the guests are gone, the booze is exhausted, and the food coma is finally over.  I don’t know about you, but Christmas and New Years are a festival for my family. It’s not the gifts but the love and closeness we share. We try and do it all year, but Christmas is the crescendo, the big finish. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to celebrate Christmas mid-summer?  Would we put up trees in our house or just decorate them in our backyards? Would the songs be Green Christmas and Summer Wonderland? Burgers and steak instead of Turkey and stuffing?  I have to say that this year we could have done with a little less weather and a little more power. The ice storm in Toronto knocked out power to 350,000 homes but we persevered. Still my BGE was smoking. Maple smoke kissed my turkey on Christmas and my pork shoulder on New Year’s Eve.

I will admit the lack of pictures is due to the fact that everyone dove in fast, and I mean fast. Expectation for 12 months leaves patience short and bellies rumbling for memories of meals for before. But all in all you forgive them for their haste and look forward to their complaints of being too full.

All the presents and love I received this year were wonderful but special mention for three.  My new FoodSaver! What a blast marinating and shrink wrapping food! The OvGlove! I never thought that any of that stuff on TV for 19.95 actually worked.  And finally “The Wild Chef” by Jonathan Miles. I now know how to prepare squirrel.

So what you have before you images of Christmas and the New Year’s shoulder and how we spent the holidays in the cold north. After this I will share recipes and tales of smoke and fire but for now, a Happy and Prosperous New Year to one and all!

Scott Tait

The Artisanal Grill


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