Walmart in China: Donkeys and Foxes and Rabbits? Oh My!


It has officially made international news: Walmart in China is in hot water for selling a donkey meat dish that contained filler fox meat. Wait, what? Most Westerners scratch their heads when they hear news like this. You mean, Chinese people are upset because they paid for donkey meat, but got fox meat? It is no secret that the Chinese palate is a bit, how shall I saw, broader than the American palate. The saying is that the Chinese will eat anything that moves, and most things that don’t, and it has certainly proved to be true in my two years in China so far. I never thought that I would develop cravings for chicken feet, pig colon, and donkey meat, but I have.

In any case, Walmart has recalled the donkey meat in several China stores, and has issued a formal apology (a must in Asian countries). The entire scandalous affair started me thinking about how odd the entire concept of buying donkey meat at Walmart probably sounds to Americans. We certainly have more than enough Walmart stores in the US, but I seriously doubt that you cold find donkey meat in any of them. What else does Chinese Walmart sell, that Americans might find odd, bizarre, distasteful, or downright insane? So I decided to take some pictures and show you! I hope you enjoy this pictorial tour of my local Walmart here in Kunming. Some of the products in the pictures will be familiar to you, some will cause you to scratch your head, and others might make you laugh. But, for better or for worse, here we go!

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