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McDonald's For Weight Loss?



Move over Jared from Subway.

It’s time to meet Gary from McDonald’s.

Gary Cisna, a high school science teacher from Iowa, may have done the unthinkable. For 90 days, Cisna ate only McDonald’s for Weight Loss. And contrary to what the documentary Super Size Me would lead you to believe, it actually worked.

Through three meals a day, Cisna ate 2,000 calories and monitored his intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The results were staggering as he lost 37 pounds and lowered his cholesterol 79 points. As for exercise, it was simple, he walked 45 minutes per day, every day. While the experiment was great for his personal health, this is a real hit to the countless number of health fanatics who are anit-McDonald’s.

This science teacher may have just given fast food the boost it needed to stay on top of the food chain. Here’s the story from KCCI News in Iowa:


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