My car wont start running and my nose won't stop!

“A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting.” Abraham Maslow

-22 Celsius sounds a lot colder than – 7.6 Fahrenheit but when you consider everything, its bloody cold!  Needless to say, I didn’t fire up the BBQ’s today. It’s so cold that my car won’t start running and my nose won’t stop!  Soup was needed today to take the edge off and my new toy came into play.  My pressure cooker!

So remember being a kid and having soup?  Fresh bread?  Salad? Well maybe not salad but the other stuff. Remember how it warmed you up, dipping bread or maybe some crackers in the soup?  Yeah I was feeling the same way after my core temperature dropped so I made soup.  I could have gone conventional with tomato or chicken but I seemed to be amassing this mound of carrots in my fridge so I went for carrot ginger soup.  Don’t judge me about having no protein in my meal but every now and then you have to go veggie. Actually, I had made chicken stock from some previous meals bones last week so I had some meat (ok I’m pushing the envelope) in my soup.

Carrots, red pepper, onion, and a couple of potatoes for body with garlic combined with my homemade stock went into the pressure cooker for 45 minutes. Then through the blender until it was a smooth orange puree. I had started the bread earlier with enough time to rise, pound down, and rise again. I didn’t mention it was a garlic cheese loaf, silly me.

When the world deals you cold winds, make soup! It’s so easy and you’ll get accolades from the maddening crowds or maybe just the trolls that live with you. Mine thought it was great even though it wasn’t your standard. Get creative! Soup is one of the greatest culinary canvases that you can experiment with. If you screw it up, which is extremely hard, just say it came out of a can!

For everybody that is living in temperatures above 20c or 68f, sorry, I have no words for you. For everybody that is experiencing the lower gamut of temperatures and worried about if your car will start or your pipes will freeze, Make Soup!

Be well and eat well!

Scott Tait


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