Super Bowl Controversy With Papa John's


We all know that Peyton Manning is as meaningful to Papa John’s as he is to the Denver Broncos. I mean the guy does own a boatload of pizza stores throughout the Denver area, which is probably a good area to own pizza stores these days. Wink Wink nudge nudge…

Just in case you weren’t sure how involved Peyton was with Papa, check this out:

And that doesn’t even tell half the story. How many other guys are turning the words “Papa John’s” into audibles? Although,  I think it was the Eagles being clever with their calls, you get the point.

So all this considered, how on earth is Papa John’s willing to start running ads on Twitter featuring none other than Seattle Seahawks saftey Earl Thomas.

Yeah, I shook my head also when I saw this. On the week of the Super Bowl between Manning’s Broncos and Thomas’ Seahawks, Papa John himself is turning his back on #18? This led to some Seahawks fans trolling Manning:



There is even mention of Manning’s Lawyers sending a cease and desist…



The only thing that could be more devastating to Manning’s psyche going into the big game would be a Buick commercial featuring Richard Sherman yelling at his car about how he is the best in the game.


Good luck fixing this one Papa Johns.

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