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Budweiser Super Bowl Ad "Puppy Love" Tugs at the Heart Strings



Every year there is a debate as to which Super Bowl ad is the best. Well, if you have a soul, than the Budweiser Super Bowl ad “Puppy Love” is the early favorite.

Just when you thought you had seen enough of the Clydesdales, and needed a frog reboot. Budweiser gets us for the second year in a row with a

heartfelt Super Bowl ad. The use of puppies is pretty much a fail safe when it comes to ads.  So the idea of having a giant horse fall in love with an adorable farm raised yellow lab puppy is flawless.

Then throw in the clever Twitter Hashtag campaign of #BestBuds and you can see that Budweiser was not messing around! And to top it off, perhaps the ultimate song, “Let Her Go” by Passenger, to get even the toughest football fan crying plays the entire time.

Kudos to the ad team at Budweiser who thought of this.

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