China visits Mexico!

"It can jump off the plate at you but it doesn't have to chase you out of the restaurant." Marshall Rosenthal

Take a good look at what you eat. Are you stuck in a rut? Do you keep going back to the tried and true? Do you always order the same take out; put the same toppings on your pizza?


It’s a big world out there full of tastes, flavours and experiences. Why are you limiting your experiences to what you know and not expanding and testing your pallet?

The world has become infinitely smaller and what was out of our grasp years ago now exists around the corner.  Have you taken a good look around your grocery store to see what it has to offer over and above the usual fare? Fruits, spices, sauces, and breads from faraway lands are now at the end of your fingers. The internet has given us reference to what they are and what we can do with them. So why is your cooking staying the same?

Case in point, I love Asian cooking as much as I love Mexican.  The spice and heat are different but when you think about it very similar. Peppers and heavy spices to envelop meats and vegetables and add a heightened experience to the food is the end game. So why not combine the two? It’s called fusion!

My blend of the two was to create spicy orange beef tacos with noodles.  The beef was marinated in orange juice, sesame oil, garlic, and crushed red peppers. Everything was wok fried with orange rind and red pepper flakes added for the extra punch. A little pepper oil drizzled on the top of mine to add to the effect with some fried rice on the side.

Tasty, messy, spicy and wonderful on the tongue.  You have to keep it interesting and change it up a little bit. There is nothing wrong with meatloaf night but are you having the same meatloaf over and over again? Aren’t you bored yet? Take a walk on the internet and see how you can get out of your rut!

Be well and eat well!

Scott Tait

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