#FoodAthletes Breaks The Internet!


If you haven’t heard, the Comedy Central show @Midnight is one of the best things going on television today.

@Midnight is hosted by Chris Hardwick, the man most recently famous for hosting AMC’s Talking Dead and Talking Bad. Personally, I remember Hardwick for MTV’s Singled Out co-hosted with Jenny McCarthy and love him for his hilarious Nerdist Podcast.

One of the most popular features on Hardwick’s most recent claim to fame, @Midnight, is the feature #HashtagWars. In this game, guests on the shows are asked to give examples of  Twitter responses to a hashtag that the show sends throughout the inter-webs. For instance, for the hashtag #FatTVShows the answer Breaking Bed is a classic!

In honor of the Super Bowl, this week’s episode featured the hashtag #FoodAthletes. In this category, contestants had to answer with athlete names that were merged with food. Here is a clip from the segment courtesy of Comedy Central.


Some of the best answers had to be Lou Gherigatoni, Tim T-Bone and of course Jerry Rice. Very clever indeed.

The segment couldn’t get all the best Twitter responses in, but luckily the Internet lasts forever. Here are some of the best answers we could find on Twitter.


All great efforts, however the best may be from Creepy New Orleans Pelicans mascot Pierre…


Another cool part of @Midnight, they happened to feature our parent site FanSided.com. Here’s a clip!


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