What did you do with your leftover Chili?

“Get mad, then get over it.” Colin Powell

If the game worked out the way you wanted, great. If it didn’t, get over it! The big question is what did you do with the leftovers?

How much food did you create and how much hit the trash! I have a feeling that those backing the winners had less left over than those backing the losers. Defeat has a tendency to depress the appetite.

I hope you had the forethought to save the left-overs.

So here’s what I did and you could do too. The brisket was made into sandwiches last night to take care of that part of the festivities. Tonight was a little more creative. I took the chili that had simmered over the fire and froze it after the game. Tonight I took that chili and made cannelloni. Think about it? Smoked meat stuffed into pasta with a Béchamel sauce, melted cheddar and a tomato sauce to tie it all together. So why not use your chili as a base? Styles can crossover, ethnicities melded. It’s called fusion!

So whether or not your team won, what did you do with the leftovers or what could you have done?


Be well and eat well.

Scott Tait


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