BuzzFeed Kids Eating Gourmet Foods (VIDEO)

The people at BuzzFeed made a pretty cool video a few weeks back. It features kids, obviously from a diverse group of upbringings, eating some gourmet foods. Or at least foods the average person thinks of as “gourmet”. The items that were taste tested were caviar, squid ink pasta and gold. Here’s the video:


So In my opinion, these kids had a few problems going for them.

  1. BuzzFeed had the kids eating foods that are not that good. Sure caviar and squid ink pasta tastes good to me, but I love salty, briny food. When’s the last time a five-year old ate any fish products?
  2. They were set up to hate the food. As we just mentioned, these items were poorly chosen. If it were me, and I didn’t want to create another generation who would rather have a Big Mac than some Beluga, I would have done something different. While this is cute, and funny, that was the sole intention of BuzzFeed’s obvious team of food sellouts.
  3. Since when is gold a food? I mean it’s a garnish… I guess. Even then, it’s stupid. If you wanted kids to eat gold flakes, why not buy them one of those ice cream sundaes from Serendipity? The only gold I would be ingesting would be out of a bottle of Goldschlager. Unfortunately the participants here were a bit underage.
  4. Kids have terrible palates. I mean I know I said this was a bad group of foods, but I would have crushed it if given the chance. I bet these little guys and gals wouldn’t even like Fois Gras…

What is the world coming to…

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