How To Make Adult Snow Cones Out Of Real Snow (VIDEO)


We were in the midst of the Great Southern Snow Storm of 2014. The one people who name winter storms called PAX. It was then that I set out of the warm confines of central heat into the snow to give my readers a new way to handle being snowed in.

The result was what some people around here in Charlotte, North Carolina call a snowcream. Me being a Florida kid, I feel it basically turned into an adult snow cone. As if there is anything better than that.

The way I saw it, if we have eight inches of snow and I have front-wheel drive and no snow tires, I am going to make the most of things however I can. If that means taking whatever we happen to have in the house and turn it into an adult snow cone made of real snow than so be it! And, if I am going to do all that, I may as well video it and send it out to the world to see.

Comment below with how you think this recipe could be improved, or let us know if you tried it and if so, how you liked it. Stay warm, and thirsty my friends!

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