Stone Grilled Shrimp

“Love and Shrimp.” Judith Viorst

When you have someone living with you that is not a “fish” person you miss the goodness from the deep. Equally so with shellfish. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be shellfish. There are so many choices, so many flavours that you can eat for months without repeating a main.

That’s how I judge an Italian restaurant for the first time. Linguini with clams in a white sauce! If they can’t get that right then what’s the use of trying anything else on the menu?

My mussels have to be smoked, my oysters raw, and my shrimp grilled! No batter, no sweet and sour sauce, just grilled with a little garlic and olive oil and a sparse sprinkle of chili flake and salt. There is no better way in the world to serve them. Why hide the flavor when their taste is phenomenal!

The grilling stone also makes the difference. Equal heat distribution with no flare up burns and smooth cooking. (The Artisanal Grilling Stone)

That was on my menu last night and grilled on my new granite stones.  I served them with spaghetti tossed in a roasted squash and garlic sauce. I kept it light and not a heavy cream sauce.  The Shrimp marinated in Garlic, olive oil, pepper flakes and lemon rind. A little cilantro on top and the trolls in the basement were happy! So was the non-fishy person. She enjoyed them to the point that I think I have a conversion for the sea.

Keep it light and interesting!  You don’t have to be fancy. Let the natural flavor come through!

Be well and eat well!

Scott Tait

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