Canadian Restaurant Mocks American Hockey


Well, as much as we would like to pretend we are surprised, Canada defeated the United States in Olympic Hockey. We were all pulling for the U.S., and frankly they have a good shot at a medal, but come on…

If there was one thing Canada is surely better than America at, it is hockey. Other than that, maybe pork product confusion and maple syrup.

Well as a result, an unnamed restaurant in (presumably) Canada, took to their chalk board to let their patrons know they would be serving a special dish in honor of their recent success in Sochi.

I went ahead and scrolled through some of the responses to the tweet sent out by Winnipeg resident Alan Simpson. One in particular was great. Courtesy of someone named Scott:


If nothing else, this has brought back fond memories of perhaps the best moment of Canada vs America Hockey contests.

God bless John Candy! Better luck in 2018 America!


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