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Jack In The Box's Bacon Insider (REVIEW)


I was hungry late Sunday night, and was in need of a quick fix before the newest episode of The Walking Dead. I had the Mrs. pick me up something on her way home. The only two choices which fell into this category were Jack In The Box or McDonald’s. To be fair, neither would be my first or even fifth choice when it comes to fast food, but as the saying goes, “Fatty gotta eat!”

As you probably guessed, I went with JITB, and chose to order the newest and most intriguing item on their menu, the Bacon InsiderThe whole idea behind this thing is that they took some bacon, and slapped it on a burger, and then took the bacon consumption to another level as they have “bacon mixed right in” to the patty. To make things even worse for my cholesterol, they even through on some bacon mayo.

This all sounds fantastic, and the ad they made is pretty weird and entertaining.

Now for the review.

First off, this is what a Bacon Insider actually looks like.

photo 1

As you can see, at my local JITB, the Bacon Insider  somehow comes with more lettuce than bacon. To be fair, this was some of the crispest fast food lettuce I have ever had and even the tomato, which was hidden in the lettuce garden and presumably out of season was quite fresh.

Another positive for the sandwich was the brioche bun, which was quite nice and would have held up nicely to a substantial burger which I had made at home. However today, its job was hardly as important.

The patty, which was cooked to a near hockey puck shade of black tasted like the charred gristle you find on the edges of an over-grilled steak. As for the bacon which was supposed to be mixed right in, I think it was left out. Sure there were some brown bits which resembled bacon, but I am not buying it. If there is one thing I take serious it is bacon misrepresentation. JITB should be ashamed of themselves.

Not only did the patty lack the flavor of bacon, before I read on the JITB website there was bacon mayo, I thought it was just a weak chipotle sauce. Had there not been a few strips of bacon, one would have trouble calling this a bacon burger at all.

Overall, the burger was just your run of the mill crappy fast food burger with a jacked up price and a fancy ad campaign. At $7 and change, for the burger meal, let’s hope a limited time is shorter than Jack expected.

FoodSided Rating: 3.5 out of 10

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