Girl Scout Cookie Butter Beans

I was perusing Facebook last night and came across a friend’s post of a video from WDRB News in Louisville Kentucky.

As a preview for the Desserts First event at the Mellwood Arts & Entertainment Center, the station’s Keith Kaiser met up with one of 28 participating local chefs as he showed off his techniques.

Dustin Staggers of The Monkey Wrench showed off how to make Savannah Smiles more than just a cookie. He went ahead and ground up the lemon flavored cookies into a flour and mixed that into his usual cornbread recipe that goes along with their butter beans.

Here’s the clip.

WDRB 41 Louisville News
This looked great, and the Girl Scouts approved. However, things got weird back in the studio when the anchor man was talking about his adverse reactions to bean consumption.

At any rate, this makes me wonder, what can FoodSided do with a box of Girl Scout Cookies? Vote for your favorite flavor Girl Scout Cookie below and we will make a recipe with them in the coming weeks.

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