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Top Chef's Kristen Kish Killing Lobsters With Bare Hands (VIDEO)

There is nothing like an attractive superstar female chef. More importantly, there is nothing cooler than said attractive superstar female chef doing things in the kitchen that most men wouldn’t have the stomach to. The following is one example of that.

In this video piece from Zagat, former Top Chef champion Kristen Kish shows how she breaks down a live lobster with her bare hands. Not only is this extremely sexy in some perverse way, but it offers a great way for home cooks to tackle lobster in a more decadent way.

Working in Menton, one of Barbra Lynch’s fabulous restaurants in Boston, Kish also gives some great advice on how home cooks should choose the right lobster from the neighborhood grocery store or fish market tank. She explains that “as long as they’re moving, trying to get away from you that’s the one you want.”

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