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Breaking: Alton Brown Buys Out Food Network Contract; Headed to NBC Primetime

After years of angst built up from the “creative differences” with the Food Network, human food encyclopedia Alton Brown has bought out his Food Network contract and will be joining NBC’s lineup of successful shows.

According to sources familiar with Brown, the conflict “has been brewing ever since the network decided that ‘Good Eats’ was no longer a viable show.”

Brown had been touring around the United States to sell out crowds as part of his Edible Inevitable Tour which he announced via Instagram three weeks ago will again hit the road this fall.

The source explained that the Alton Brown Live tour is what made matter worse between the star and his network. The idea of working an informative cooking show in front of a live audience gave Brown the satisfaction that only his original claim to fame Good Eats had brought before. It is said that Brown pitched a live television version of his tour to the Food Network but they repeatedly rejected such proposals. A person who is aware of this situation explained the network’s position to FoodSided:

“Brown is best suited for groundbreaking hit shows like Cutthroat Kitchen where people can see things like cooking soup with an easy bake oven. In today’s social media driven society, people care more about shock value than learning useful things like how to roast a chicken. This isn’t 2005.”

While this news would be news enough to start April off, we kept digging and found out that NBC has tentatively agreed to bring Brown on for a live cooking show that resembles a “mixture of Good Eats and Alton Brown live” which is set to debut sometime in 2015.

As of now, the show will likely air on Saturday nights at 9pm, however all of this is subject to change. The most staggering part of this agreement is the multi-million dollar buyout that NBC is willing to cover to acquire Brown’s skill, knowledge and entertainment value.

Once made official, Brown will likely announce the move on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, while also performing with The Roots and cooking Root Vegetables.

What a crazy bit of news to start April. Can’t wait to see this show!

Unfortunately this is all fake…

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