Can free McDonald’s apple pies make your day merrier?

Uber Eats is giving everyone a holiday gift. Free McDonald’s apple pies will definitely make your day merry and bright this holiday season.

A little treat during the holiday season always brings a smile. Free McDonald’s apple pies will get even Santa excited for this Uber Eats promotion. Are you ready to make an order right now?

Now through December 19, Uber Eats customers can receive two apple pies with $15 or more McDonald’s order. The discount will apply when you add them to your cart.

Thinking about this promotion, a great option to pair with these apple pies would be the limited time Snickerdoodle McFlurry. While the Snickerdoodle McFlurry is a dessert itself, pairing it with the apple pie could be the ultimate apple pie a la mode.

Think about this flavor combination. The warm apple pie covered with the sweet, cinnamon McFlurry. As the McFlurry melts into the apple pie, it is the delicious bite that is perfect to enjoy on a brisk, winter evening.

Also, given this promotion, you could use the McDonald’s apple pie as your dessert at the holiday party. Why not just buy a dozen apple pies, put them on a decorative plate and bring them to a party. It beats bring another plain, chocolate chip cookie.

Given that it is the holiday season, everyone deserves a little special treat. Whether it is an apple pie, McFlurry or even just a Happy Meal, why not let Uber Eats and McDonald’s make your day a little more festive.

If you don’t have lunch, dinner or just anytime plans, place an order on Uber Eats for McDonald’s and enjoy those apple pies. Holiday treats always make the season festive!

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What is your favorite McDonald’s order on Uber Eats? When was the last time you had an McDonald’s apple pie?

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