Cointreau offers the most flavorful escape for Margarita Day

If you are dreaming of warm beach breezes, the Cointreau Margarita Escapes Kit from Cocktail Courier is the perfect way to celebrate National Margarita Day. With everything needed to create the perfect margarita, it is time to rediscover why The Original Margarita deserves its moment in the sun.

National Margarita Day is February 22. While some people might think of a margarita as a tropical cocktail escape, that first sip is more than just dreaming of toes in the sand. In some ways, this classic cocktail needs to be celebrated in all its glorious simplicity.

Although cocktail history can often be debated, Cointreau attributes The Original Margarita to Margaret Sames. The story says that the Dallas socialite served the cocktail at Acapulco villa. Her soon to be infamous cocktail featured Cointreau and tequila.

While The Original Margarita recipe has stood the test of time, many other aspects of this classic cocktail are still being enjoyed today. From the specific glass that looks like a sombrero to salt on the rim to add a savory note, the margarita still captivates drinkers’ attention.

How can you escape with Cointreau for National Margarita Day?

One of the reasons why The Original Margarita has stood the test of time is the balance of flavors. The sweet is offset by sour.

By using Cointreau in the cocktail, you are sure to get a perfectly made Margarita any time. Since liqueur uses sweet and bitter orange peels, the orange flavor accentuates the balance of flavors.

For National Margarita Day, Cointreau Margarita Escapes Kit from Cocktail Courier has everything you need to make The Original Margarita as well as a few other items to create that tropical ambiance at home. From a special candle to a towel, it sets the scene for that first sip.

Whether you already love the cocktail or want to rediscover why this iconic drink has stood the test of time, consider ordering the Cointreau Margarita Escapes Kit from Cocktail Courier. Even if you cannot get on a plane to Acapulco, you can still enjoy a sip from that tropical getaway.


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