Aperol Spritz and pizza are the perfect recipe for Pi Day

Looking for the most delicious Pi Day recipe? Aperol Spritz and pizza are a sip and slice of Italian food and beverage perfection. While many people might pop open a beer or even sip on a glass of wine, the classic Aperol Spritz brings a vibrant, refreshing flavor to the pizza pairing. Just remember that it is all about the PASS.

Across Italy, Aperol Spritz and pizza are a classic combination. That simple pizza with generous amounts of mozzarella and fresh herbs offers the perfect combination to the herbaceous, refreshing Italian apertif.

As more people have come to appreciate the Italian cocktail, people are enjoying a sip beyond the warm summer months. While the Aperol with its slightly bitter orange notes awakens the palate, it can offer a delightful contrast to a variety of foods, including pizza.

What is the perfect Pi Day recipe for the perfect Aperol Spritz.

When it comes to mixing up the perfect Aperol Spritz, simply remember PASS, prosecco, Aperol, splash of soda, slice of orange. When made correctly, you will never pass on an Aperol Spritz again.

Basically, those ingredients (equal parts Aperol and Prosecco) are combined over ice. A splash of soda and an orange slice finishes the cocktail. It couldn’t be simpler.

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Are you ready to enjoy the perfect Pi Day recipe? An Aperol Spritz and pizza add up to a winning combination.