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Jamie Oliver In a Blind Taste Test w/ Jim Chapman (VIDEO)

In the food world, Jamie Oliver is pretty similar to Oprah in the Entertainment world.

Reason being, he uses every avenue he can travel do to his prowess as a chef to help fix the world’s lack of good eating. His passions within the food community are far from limited. Oliver has started a movement against certain types of agricultural and meat-raising practices that have been proven to be harmful to humans. Part of this movement, The Food Revolution, is fixing school cafeterias, teaching kids and small town folks about food, and pretty much ending the world’s issue of childhood obesity. His Ted Talk on this subject, is one of the best you will see, I recommend checking it out.

While at this time, Oliver is probably best known for his philanthropic, food savior efforts, he is pretty entertaining guy. While he has been host of several quality food television programs, including the aptly named Emmy-winning reality series, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Hell, this guy is also an author of a ton of books, and he’s even the John Madden of cooking video games being the face of What’s Cooking? With Jamie Oliver and has three Apps on iTunes.

With his hands in this many things and such a passion for philanthropy, you see the Oprah reference makes sense.

So, when I stumbled across this video featuring Oliver participating with another English guy, whom I honestly knew nothing about, I figured I would watch. It turns out this English guy is Jim Chapman (@JimsTweetings), and he is pretty hilarious. Chapman produces YouTube videos that cover a wide range of topics. There are maybe a million videos and Vlogs on his YouTube channel.

The premise is basically these too blokes (see what I did there?) feeding each other while the taster is blindfolded. I participated in a blindfolded taste test while in Israel last summer, and I have to say, it is kind of freaky. You really have to trust the person feeding you. This becomes evident in this video at around 1:20.

Anyway, the biggest lessons learned from this video are Jim Chapman is someone to keep an eye on, and chefs, in most cases have much better palates than normal people (Like these kids from BuzzFeed). Enjoy!


If you enjoyed that, here are Jim and Jamie teaming up to create the prefect Valentine’s Day Dinner


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