Taco Bell For Breakfast!!! #WaffleTaco

Via Taco Bell

Via Taco Bell

In the Pantheon of fast food dining Taco Bell has always reigned supreme.

However for the longest time, most of us have woke up hungover from a long night of drinking to find empty Crunch Wrap Supreme wrappers, and half eaten Doritos Locos Tacos. Soggy tacos and foggy wake ups suck, so one must stumble to the kitchen to find nothing that will satisfy the hunger left from Fourth Meal.

Our only option is Chick-Fil-A breakfast. After, all the chicken minis are the stuff of legends…

But wait, it’s SUNDAY. While you contemplate heading to McDonalds or perhaps getting some eggs and scrambling them at home, you notice what appears to be a mirage. But it is not, for Taco Bell has unleashed a line of breakfast!

Well, not quite yet. But it’s coming March 27th at 7AM.

Here is a breakdown of a few of the menu items with descriptions from the Taco Bell Press Release!

Waffle Taco: a warm waffle wrapped around a hearty sausage patty or flavorful bacon, with fluffy scrambled eggs and cheese, and served with a side of sweet syrup. 

But will the waffle be crispy? A big question that could really change things.

A.M. Crunchwrap™: offers a morning twist on the iconic Crunchwrap® featuring classic breakfast tastes of fluffy scrambled eggs, a golden crispy hash brown, melted cheese and flavorful bacon (or a hearty sausage patty or premium thick cut steak), all wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla.

Why not add pico de gallo or sour cream? For that matter, can I add them myself?

And of course, Taco Bell will offer their version of the breakfast burrito. Something everyone does, but Taco Bell should surely be the best at will be offered with bacon, sausage or steak.

In addition there will be a an A.M. Grilled Taco, a sausage flatbread melt, the Cinnabon® Delights™ (which are fantastic if you can handle the warm icing enveloping your mouth) as well as coffee and Tropicana orange juice.

Here’s a look at the entire menu. If you think we are excited, you should talk to Chrissy Teigen. (Whom, by the way, we are trying to get an interview with for Table Talk!!)


The bar is about to be set for fast food breakfast and FoodSided will be your place for reviews along the way!

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