Mt Rushmore Of Sandwiches

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In the hierarchy of food, there is no doubt in my mind that the sandwich, in any form, is very near the top. But which sandwiches dominate the sandwich market. For that matter, which four sandwiches should be etched forever in stone as part of the Mt. Rushmore of Sandwiches.

The answer seems simple, but in reality it isn’t. To me, every Mt. Rushmore needs balance. It isn’t just about choosing your favorite sandwiches, it is about which sandwiches changed the food world.

But for any Mt. Rushmore to make sense, you must first develop criteria by which you select the best of the best. In the case of sandwiches, we have to consider many factors. Those factors include:

  • The Bread – Essentially the lifeblood of a sandwich.
  • The Meat – Ironically in this case, the meat can be a non-meat item. For instance, in a grilled cheese the cheese is the meat. 
  • The Accompaniments – These are the ingredients that bring it all together and take things over the top. Like the olive spread on a Muffaletta.
  • The Method – In most cases a sandwich is not true to the vision in which it was created unless made in a particular method.

By considering these four criteria, we have developed the definitive Mt. Rushmore of Sandwiches. We dare you to do better!!

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