Starch Madness: Round of 64 Voting

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The time has finally come.

Every year March is synonymous with basketball, brackets, and now billions of dollars. At FoodSided we understand that not everyone likes college basketball. We also understand that everyone likes to eat. For that reason we have created the best bracket we could think of, Starch Madness.

Our one man Starch Madness selection committee had the honor of choosing 64 of the greatest starches known to man, broken down into four brackets: Appetizers/Sides, Entrees, Snacks, and Desserts.

After much debate the number one seeds are French Fries, Apple Pie, Pizza and Potato Chips. These are the favorites, but look out for other top seeds like Chocolate Chip Cookies, Quesadillas, Bagels, Spaghetti & Meatballs, and Fried Chicken.

But what bracket would be complete without its fair share of sleepers. A few foods to watch are Sliders, Lasagna, Twinkies, Donuts, and the cult favorite in the Southeast Publix Subs.

Some of the more intriguing first round match-ups include 3-seed Bagels Vs 14-seed Popcorn, 5-seed Mac & Cheese Vs 12-seed Boneless Wings, 6-seed Dumplings Vs 11-seed Sliders, and 8-seed Fried Rice Vs 9-seed Chicken Parmesan.

The way this works is you our readers vote for the winners of each matchup. You can push your favorite starch all the way through to become the 2014 Starch Madness Food Champion. Will it be French Fries or Oreos? It’s up to you!

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Here’s a look at the bracket so you can follow along!


StarchMadnessHere is your own StarchMadness bracket that you can fill out at home!

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  • Patrick Allen

    Cookie Dough vs. Saltines? Not even fair.

    • Natasha Sims

      Yeah, definitely. Although I had Saltines going pretty far, I don’t see that upset playing out.

  • Aaron Somers

    Well done Rob.

    • Rob Clement

      Thanks Aaron. This was pretty Fun big help from Michael and Patrick though!

  • Michael Castillo

    Come on, Churros! Let’s take down the beast that are chocolate cookies.

    • Matt Blake

      Churros and Donuts baby!

  • Natasha Sims

    Great idea! This was really fun!

    • Patrick Allen

      You better have voted for Corn Dogs!

      • Natasha Sims

        Oh, um…I did?

  • joshsanchez

    Some quality dark horses here. I am hoping my Mexican people rally together to make Churros a true Cinderella.

  • Zach

    Love it!

  • Joel Wagler

    Great job, Rob. My wife and I had a blast filling this out this morning!

    • Rob Clement

      Thanks Joel. I’m glad you guys enjoyed!

  • Bandit Ref

    You Yankees on here voting for Nachos over Hushpuppies just don’t love America.

    • Patrick Allen

      Are we talking Long John Silver Hushpuppies?

      • Bandit Ref

        Long John Silvers? SMH.

  • Jason Arias

    Great idea! Pulling for the 15 seed College of Charleston Churros but I think the top seeded Belmont Bagels are the team to beat.

  • Shelby Scott

    I can’t believe doughnuts are losing, that’s such a travesty

  • lmhw24

    Nachos vs. Hushpuppies?? Not fair to play w/a Texan’s heart!

  • lmhw24

    Tacos vs. Burritos? What’s next? Sopapillas vs. Churros?

    • lmhw24

      At least you pinned them w/Chocolate. Churros win every time. Hands down.

  • Patrick Green

    This is awesome!