It’s Raining Breakfast Kauai!!


The entrance to the Tip Top Motel & Cafe, Lihue Kauai

Does it always rain like this? Is the sun coming out tomorrow?

Lady, let’s be real for just a second. Is the sun coming out? Let me ask you a question. Are you going to wake up tomorrow? “Well I hope so.”


As you can guess its raining here in Kauai and it has been for about a month now. That’s how winter goes around here, especially in February. Seeing how breakfast always puts a smile on my face, let’s talk about a good affordable (cheap) place to go on a wet Kauai day.

The Tip Top Motel & Cafe in Lihue, a somewhat unknown, located in the bottom level of a Old Side Street Motel. This place has a touch of Denny’s with pinch of Waffle House.

I love these types of places, especially at 3am ,but unfortunately the Tip Top isn’t open then. I found myself there at 930am. This is a good time to walk on in and seat your self as the sign says.

This day I’m rolling with my lady and roommate so we take a table for three along the wall and wait. A few minutes later after some good people-watching, a sweet older local women comes over with a cart. It was filled with coffee, water and plates of food on one shelf and dirty plates on another.

My lady orders some hot tea after being told no to her mimosa request, (you’ve been warned!) my roommate let’s call him Tom, and I are fine with our waters. We ask for a few more minutes, the women muttered something and walked off.

I look over the menu seeing the usual suspects eggs, bacon, pancakes, so this shouldn’t be to hard. My lady sticks to the standard 2 eggs over medium with delicious bacon to which she adds some hash browns with cheese and an extra order of crispy bacon because well, she loves bacon.You’ll remember from my previous articles I have a love affair for bacon as well, aren’t we perfect for each other?

Anyway moving on, I go for the country fried steak with 2 eggs over easy with white rice. This comes with an awesome thick brown gravy. I also ordered up the sweet bread french toast. This meal cured my hunger all day long.

The country fried steak had both crispy flaky goodness and sponge-like soaking qualities made it easy for me to leave no trace of gravy on my plate I even left off hot sauce and stuck with only some salt and a good amount of pepper.

As for the sweet bread french toast, if I could get a scoop of vanilla whipped cream and some fresh strawberries on this, my morning would have been nothing short of amazing. Worth a mention my roommate “Tom” ordered the banana pancakes, these guys were awesome. I love it when the fruit is cooked in the batter and here at Tip Top Motel & Cafe they do just that. In my foodie opinion its the only way to do it.

Over all the Tip Top keeps it simple and more importantly keeps it cheap and good. So if your trying to cure a hangover or if you just want some good old fashioned Hawaiian fixings to get your vacation moving, wake up for breakfast at the Tip Top Motel & Cafe in Lihue, Kauai.

The Tip Top Motel & Cafe is open Tuesday through Sunday 630am-145pm. Unfortunately, they are closed on Monday’s.