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The Cuban

No body really knows how the Cuban Sandwich came about. all we know for sure is it had something to with Cuban immigrants living in Florida. As a Tampa area native, I tend to think the sandwich originated in Ybor City as lunch for the Cubans who rolled some of the best American made cigars ever made. As to the date of origination, it is somewhere pre-1900’s so it’s no wonder it’s a classic. The best Cuban I have ever eaten? Papa J’s Country Market & Deli in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

Bread: The key to this sandwich may be the bread. It happens to be aptly named Cuban bread. Traditional “Old School” Cuban bread is made with lard and otherwise is very similar to a French baguette. It’s delicious.

Meat: The Cuban sandwich may not be a good idea for those who stay away from pork. For those who love their share of swine, the Cuban is devine! Not only does the sandwich feature a slow roasted shredded pork butt (hopefully cooked in a tangy mojo sauce) but it also features a deliciously sliced glazed ham. This combination of savory and sweet is something pork lovers drool over.

Accompaniments: When it comes to sandwiches, my mantra is “if there’s meat, there’s cheese.” Well the Cuban brings the cheese by way of Swiss. Hopefully a good Swiss that can stand up to the flavors of the pork products. After that, there is a layer of mustard, either the traditional yellow or brown or both depending on where you are. On top of that, there is a layer of pickles. This combination of flavors is pretty much perfect.

Method: You may have seen a steamed Cuban before. You may have even had a cold one. Both of these are wrong. The only way to enjoy a Cuban sandwich is pressed. Point blank, period.