FoodSided Recipe: Rice Pudding


One recipe that I always enjoy, especially as a dessert, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dessert, is Rice Pudding.

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My mother gave me this recipe which she got from my grandmother.  The only thing I know about its origin is that my grandmother had to reduce the serving size from one that was good for a banquet of people to a more manageable size for the family.  This recipe will still make a good amount of rice pudding.

My recommendations on this is make it when you have extra milk that needs to get used up or you have enough people to share it with.



Cook the rice and cold water until there is no more water.

Add cold milk to the rice and continue to cook the rice until it is 2/3rd to 3/4ths done – Al Dente

Take the saved milk and combine the egg with it.  Beat egg.  Add Vanilla.  To add the egg to the rice mixture you need to temper the egg so it does not scramble in the rice.  To do this you will slowly add hot milk to egg mixture and stir, slowly warming up the egg to get to the rice mixture temperature.  When the egg is up to temp add into the rice mixture.

Let cook for a little bit more.  You will know when the rice pudding is just about finished when you conduct the spoon test.  To do the spoon test, you will simply dip the spoon into the liquid, pull the spoon out and run your finger horizontal on the spoon.  If the liquid stays and does not run over your line, your rice pudding is just about finished.

Finish cooking the rice pudding.  Remove from heat and let stand at room temperature.  You can add the raisins now, but it is optional.  Adding raisins will thicken up the rice pudding as they will absorb the liquid.  So if you like a thinner pudding, add more milk, if you like a thicker pudding, keep as is and add raisins.


Refrigerate unused portions and save for another day.