Thanksgiving Pizza With Butternut Squash Sauce Recipe


I love Thanksgiving.  Turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, amazing pie.  I hate the week after Thanksgiving.  Turkey, turkey, turkey.  Blah.  Been this way since I was little, so in order to prepare myself this time around, I tried to think of what to do with some of the extra turkey.  I like pizza.  How about thanksgiving pizza?  I gave it a shot and it is amazing.

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In an attempt to load this pizza with even more Thanksgiving flavor I threw out the traditional tomato sauce and created a new one based around some more seasonal butternut squash.  Butternut squash is a little sweeter than tomato, so it is important to use salty toppings like bacon and turkey in order to keep the flavor balanced.

Depending on the amount of effort you want to put in to this and how ‘from scratch’ you want your pizza to be, this can take a couple hours to prep and cook.  I’ve included instructions on how to puree a butternut squash if you don’t want to buy it canned.  You can cut some time by using an easy to find store-bought crust, though the pizza tastes great with a homemade whole-wheat crust.

Note: It is not advisable to can this sauce unless you are experienced in doing so or first learn of all the proper precautions to take.


Start to finish: 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours

Yield: 2 pizzas

Serves: 5-6

If using canned butternut squash puree, skip ahead.  To puree a butternut squash, begin by putting a steam pot on the stove, adding water and turning on the heat.  Thoroughly clean the outside of a medium butternut squash.  Cut the squash in half and seed it.  Once the water begins to boil, add the squash and steam for 20 minutes.  The squash is finished when you can easily stick a fork in it.  Remove the squash from the pot and scoop the insides from the skin.  Allow the squash to cool for five minutes and puree in a food processor until you have 15 ounces.  If not using a food processor, push the squash all the way through a mesh colander or potato ricer until you have 15 ounces.

In a medium bowl; mix pureed squash, olive oil, marjoram, basil, salt, garlic powder and parmesan or pecorino romano cheese (romano is best).  Add a few teaspoons of the steamer water if sauce is too pasty.  Cover the sauce and refrigerate for 1 hour.

When it is time to make the pizzas slice 1/2 pound of bacon and cook in a medium skillet.  Once the pan is coated in bacon grease, add turkey if desired or if using uncooked turkey.  Follow the preparation and baking directions for your specific crust (be sure to use a pizza stone or pan).  For added flavor dust the pizza with additional parmesan or pecorino romano after placing mozzarella cheese.

How did you enjoy this recipe?  Leave your comments, or suggestions on what I should make next in the comments below.