Foodie photos are part of vacation memories, 5 food photo tips

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Vacations aren’t just about majestic views and high adventures. Food influences vacation decisions. With a few food photo tips, those foodie photos will be favorite vacation memories.

In a recent study by, travelers research food and cuisine before booking a vacation. According to Pepijn Rijvers, Chief Marketing Officer at, “not only does food play into the traveler’s decisions of choosing their next destination, but it also plays into accommodation choices, as almost a third (30%) of people think it’s important to have a great restaurant to take advantage of in an accommodation.”

I travel for both work and pleasure. On each and every trip, I plan at least one amazing food experience. Sometimes the food is a highly rated Michelin star restaurant or celebrity chef and other times it is a hole in the wall or dive bar. No matter where I eat, I capture the experience with photos.

True, I write about food, but I’m not the only person snapping pictures of the dishes. A quick glance around the room shows many tables recording the moment. But, what makes a good food photo?

A few photo tips can make the difference between an Instagram hit with hundreds of likes or an image mocked by your friends. Here are a few food photo tips from with my personal take to make your next food photo a better one.