Oysters shucked: From working class staple to expensive aphrodisiac


Some people love them and others do not dare take a bite. Oysters shucked fresh can be a delicious nutritious, but are they an expensive aphrodisiac?

The world may be your oyster, but oysters can be a very divisive fish choice. Even though these mollusks may not be everyone’s favorite, oysters have become a delicacy for many. Oysters shucked fresh can be eaten raw, grill or just about any way that you can imagine. But, how did this working class staple become an expensive aphrodisiac?

Long before oysters were a pricey appetizer, the New York working class feasted on the mollusks. On the streets of New York, everyone could get oysters served various ways. From freshly shucked to scalloped, oysters were plentiful and affordable.

Unfortunately, the popularity caused the oyster beds to over harvested. As oysters became less available, the prices rose. What was once inexpensive and plentiful, the oysters became expensive and scarce. Today, oysters are considered a delicacy by some and its prices soared.

Some people believe the notion that oysters are an aphrodisiac. While famous romancers, like Casanova, were believed to eat many oysters every day, there is no proven direct link between oysters and amorous endeavors. But, oysters have many health benefits. Its high zinc levels help to boost energy. This extra energy after eating oysters could be misinterpreted as something else.

Since oysters are often served during a romantic or special dinner, oysters can be paired with a beverage. Oysters and champagne are a common combination. The crisp, fruity sparkling wine compliments the briny oyster. But, champagne isn’t the only possible pairing. A classic cocktail, like a martini, offers a lovely balance to the oyster, too.

Even though oysters have many fans, a few misconceptions still remain. While oysters can be enjoyed any time of the year, some people believe that oysters shouldn’t be eaten in months that don’t end in “r.” National Oyster Day is August 5, which is in direct contradiction to this perception. The month abstention is more about keeping the oysters properly cold versus the availability. Cold, both the water where they lived and the temperature they are kept, creates a more flavorful oyster.

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These mollusks don’t have to be an elusive, misunderstood bivalve. Oysters shucked fresh can be a delicious bite. Are you ready to order a dozen?