Little Caesars goes from Hot-N-Ready to Reserve-N-Ready


Sometimes a quick, inexpensive pizza is a just what you need. Now, Little Caesars offers Reserve-N-Ready that ensures that your pizza is ready when you want it.

Convenience influences consumers’ decisions. People don’t want to wait. Even the littlest inconvenience could change a purchase decision. While Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready was always convenient, today’s consumers want more. The new Reserve-N-Ready answers that demand.

Little Caesars just announced a change to its pizza concept. Using a Pizza Portal, Little Caesars customers can get their pizza even faster. According to the company, “RESERVE-N-READY combines the company’s best-in-class convenience with mobile ordering, pre-payment and heated self-service pick up to create an entirely new experience for customers.”

Consumers pre-order their particular pizza. From crust to cheese to toppings, each pizza can be made to a customer’s specifications. This mobile app ordering offers expanded choices. No longer do consumers have to choose between cheese, pepperoni or sausage as a Hot-N-Ready. Now, they can have the custom pizza that they want waiting for them.

With the company’s pizza portal, the consumer’s special pizza will be sitting, warm, waiting to be picked up. Through the app, consumers can pay, pick-up and head out. The self-service aspect is new. No personal interaction needed.

This pizza concept is another example of millennials driving the convenience factor. Recently, Buffalo Wild Wings introduced a smaller, faster restaurant concept. People want to be able to grab food and go in certain occasions. Waiting is no longer acceptable.

Also, more companies are eliminating the personal interaction. Amazon tried a cashier-less store. Self-serve vending machines aren’t just snacks and drinks. Chicago has many healthy vending options. Consumers could go a whole day without interacting with anyone.

Convenience is the driving force. People want their stuff more quickly. Amazon’s 2-day prime isn’t fast enough anymore. People want their items that day, or that hour. More and more companies are catering to those demands.

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Although the Reserve-N-Ready is new for Little Caesars, the concept is likely to be a hit. Watch out McDonald’s and Burger King, you’re next for the pre-order world.