S’mores, the classic marshmallow treat can be served many ways


Summertime and s’mores are a classic combination. For National S’mores Day, the classic marshmallow treat can be served in many different ways.

Whether you prefer a slightly gooey marshmallow or a crisp, blackened marshmallow, the classic s’more is delicious treat. Celebrated on August 10, National S’mores Day is a great time to re-discover the s’more. While the classic marshmallow treat is a summertime favorite, the marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker creation isn’t limited to a campfire setting. S’mores can be served in many ways.

S’mores can be traced back to the Girl Scouts. Over 90 years ago, s’mores recipe appeared in a Girl Scouts’ handbook. Over time, the campfire treat became a summer favorite. As people spend, long summer nights outside, the campfire became the way to cook up this iconic treat.

Sometimes, an open fire isn’t readily available when that chocolate and marshmallow craving hits. But, that craving can be satisfied in many different ways. Today, s’mores is an extremely popular flavor. From s’mores ice cream to s’mores Frappuccino, the chocolate marshmallow combination is everywhere.

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Still, the perfect bite of gooey marshmallow, creamy chocolate and crunchy graham cracker is more than just the flavor. One easy way to have that perfect bite, without a campfire, is with a s’mores cup. Using a microwave, you can get the warm marshmallow, creamy chocolate and crisp graham cracker without the flame. Granted, if you like blacken marshmallows, you might be a little disappointed. But, for everyone else, this simple s’mores is a great option.

A super popular s’mores dish has been s’mores dip. Who wouldn’t want a big bowl of this marshmallow chocolate goodness while watching movies? Using graham crackers as a spoon, everyone can satisfy their sweet tooth. Also, the s’mores dip can be customized with other favorite flavors. From peppermint candies for a minty twist to nuts for added crunch, you might have to have several s’mores dips so that everyone can have their own personal creation.

These two options are just a few of the many s’mores treats that are an alternative to the classic campfire version. Hershey’s, the iconic chocolate bar for s’mores, has a huge list of s’mores inspired recipes. From simple to advanced, at least one recipe will fit anyone’s baking comfort level.

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Whether celebrating National S’mores Day on August 10 or just indulging on a favorite treat, the classic marshmallow treat can be served in so many ways. Just maybe you could have a different s’mores every week till next year’s National S’mores Day.