Who will replace Daphne Oz on ABC’s The Chew?


ABC announced that Daphne Oz will not return to The Chew this season. But, who will take her place?

Recently, Daphne Oz announced that she will not return to The Chew. While having spent six seasons on the ABC day time talk show, Oz will not appear in season seven, which starts this September. But, who will replace Oz as the fifth member of the ABC television talk show?

While Oz announced her departure via social media, ABC was silent on any replacement. Oz is the daughter of Dr. Oz. She offered a younger perspective to the show. As a new mom, many of her tips focused on healthy, easy choices.

The cooking, and entertaining, daytime show is quite popular. With chefs Mario Batali, Carla Hall and Michael Symon and entertaining guru Clinton Kelly, the talk show covered many topics. Viewers watched not just for the tips, but, also, for the interaction between the hosts. All the hosts seem to genuinely enjoy each other.

If ABC replaces Oz, who could fill the fifth seat? The current chefs have tremendous food authority. Their combined restaurants, cookbooks and culinary knowledge cannot be matched by any other day time television show. But, with Oz’s departure, The Chew loses a younger perspective.

Look at the many culinary competition shows, a few of those contestants could be a worthy replacement. Someone like Beverly Kim, Chicago chef/owner of Parachute and former Top Chef contestant, would be a great choice. Although it is doubt that she would leave her restaurant and family to move to New York. But, Kim has such a great perspective. She is an amazing voice for women chefs, has tremendous culinary talent and has a loyal following.

Since Carla Hall is a Top Chef alum, other former contestants could be good choice too. Hopefully, ABC would look to fill the fifth seat with another woman chef. Sarah Gruenberg (chef/owner Monteverde, Top Chef alum and Iron Chef Gauntlet) would be a great choice. She’s very likeable and can make some great pasta. Lee Ann Wong is a culinary force. Why you may not know her name, she has influenced many shows.

One option that could bring in many new viewers would be Ayeshia Curry. The wife of Steph Curry is becoming a strong culinary presence. With her soon to be released kitchen line from Meyer and her popular social media accounts, Curry would add a younger perspective to the show while keeping the culinary authority. Since Curry already has ties to the Food Network, she could be a strong choice to fill that fifth seat.

But, The Chew could leave the seat open. Maybe the show doesn’t take a fifth host. The empty seat could be a rotating person. The Chew’s decision remains to be seen.

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Who would you want to replace Daphne Oz on the Chew? Share your thoughts with us.