Halloween Baking Championship, episode 5 live stream: Watch online


With just two episodes remaining, Halloween Baking Championship prepares for its frightening climax. Will candy bars and chocolate stump the remaining bakers?

Four bakers remain in this season’s Halloween Baking Championship. But, only three bakers can compete in the finale. This week’s challenges have the bakers taking on super sweet treats. Still, who can make the sweetest treat appear like a Halloween inspired fright?

According to the Food Network, this episode, “The Candyman Cometh” features the following events.

"In the pre-heat, the four remaining bakers attempt to make desserts that taste like their favorite candy bars. For the main heat, the bakers face death by chocolate and must create a dessert that combines chocolate with odd ingredients. One baker is eliminated and the last three move on to the finale."

The chocolate challenge should be quite entertaining. What ingredients don’t pair well with chocolate? I’m sure that there are a few items that chocolate shouldn’t touch. But, chocolate pairs with jalapenos, bacon and salt. What crazy ingredient could give the bakers a fright?

This challenge should focus on creativity. The past couple of challenges put decoration into the mix. Even though flavors were decent, poor decoration sent several bakers home. The synopsis for this episode seems to put the focus back flavor.

Truthfully, aren’t desserts more about the flavor? Yes, we eat with our eyes. Still, a poor tasting dessert can’t be saved by a beautiful decoration, right?

Who will be the final three bakers? I’m thinking that Jessica and Jonathon should go through to the finale. Both bakers have proven themselves in the kitchen. The last spot seems to be up for grabs. Do you think that there is a sweet treat in store for the final three bakers?

Here’s how to watch Halloween Baking Championship, episode 5.

Date: Monday, October 23
Start Time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “The Candyman Cometh”
TV Channel: Food Network
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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