Can Yummly and Whirpool solve what’s for dinner problem?


Everyone has been there. Answering the question, what’s for dinner, is always looming. Yummly and Whirpool seek to answer that question.

From families to millennials, the what’s for dinner question can be a frustrating one. Staring into the refrigerator or roaming market aisles can be exasperating. Even the most ardent meal planner can struggle, Yummly and Whirpool are ready to solve the what’s for dinner problem.

At CES 2018, Yummly and Whirpool showcased its app/smart appliance integration. The Yummly 2.0 works directly with Whirpool appliances to help the cooking experience. The idea is for the app to work with the user to remove potential obstacles, i.e. what’s for dinner. Looking at foods in the refrigerator or pantry, the app can make recipe suggestions based on favorite foods, tastes or eating habits.
(Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images for NYCWFF)
In addition to help curate recipes, the two products are set to work together on cooking the food. The smart appliances hope to simplify the cooking process. From cooking at the right temperatures to avoiding overcooking, this appliance/app integration should make the cooking experience more enjoyable.

While more people are agreeable to cooking at home, obstacles can still lead them to the quick, grab and go alternative. Busy schedules, lack of time and a myriad of other excuses can make at home cooking seem unmanageable. When a company seeks to provide a solution, consumers gravitate to it.

This product collaboration between the Yummly app and the Whirpool smart appliances seems like a popular choice for consumers. Many people shy away from cooking because they are afraid of doing it incorrectly. Hopefully, these type of collaborative products can spark an interest in cooking at home. In time, the home cook could adapt the tools as she becomes more confident in the kitchen.

Over the past couple of years, meal planning services have grown in popularity because it takes the guess work out of cooking. From streamlined prep work to reducing shopping, the home cook embraces the simplicity. Over time, some people have developed an appreciation of cooking that started with those services. The integrated app and smart appliances could hopefully foster the same cooking appreciation.

The Yummly 2.0 and Whirpool smart appliances will be on the market soon. What other announcements will come during CES 2018? What smart appliances or kitchen integrations should you like to see?