The Pretty Fork: A 66-course, $10K mystery dining extravaganza


The Pretty Fork is revolutionizing Seattle dining. Now they’re leaving Washington to make their mark on the rest of the country with Destination Dining America.

Do you have exorbitant amounts of money and too much time on your hands? If you answered “yes” to that question, then this is the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

On Friday, Seattle’s own The Pretty Fork launched Destination Dining America. On the surface, it sounds vague and mysterious, yet eerily intriguing. I mean, these are the folks who do the $100 burger. Well let me tell you why this could very well be one of the most epic and extravagant dining experiences you’ll ever hear about.

(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Starwood Preferred Guest)

Here are the key points for you to chew on:

  • The experience includes 66 courses
  • The experience costs $9,900
  • First-class airfare and hotel stays are included
  • The meals will be spread out across 13 days in four major American cities
  • The rest of the details are all a mystery, only provided when they are absolutely necessary
  • Tickets are available now!

While we don’t know all of the details about the restaurants included in this luxurious package, there are a few hints The Pretty Fork has dropped to get those salivary glands working. First, the tour de food will include five Michelin-starred restaurants. One of them is also ranked within the Top 50 in the world. There may even be lunch with a celebrity chef and some prime wining opportunities along the way.

This line from The Pretty Fork’s “Story” page puts it into a broader context: “Where many people see food as a means to an end, we see food as an opportunity to try something new, to change your perspective and to reaffirm what you love.”

Still not convinced? Check out the below teaser (in every sense of the word), which even drops hints on potential destinations, including Chicago and Washington D.C.

Previously, The Pretty Fork stayed put in the western Washington area. Considering their recent explosion onto the Seattle food scene, though, it only made sense to expand, giving food and travel lovers an opportunity to have the best of both worlds.

The fun begins in April, with the excursion officially taking flight on the 18th. However, if you still need some time to scrounge up the cash, you could always wait until September, when The Pretty Fork will be taking the Destination Dining experience to Western Europe. No word yet on the price of that overseas voyage.

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Don’t miss this rare chance to embark on a 13-day tasting tour of some of the best restaurants this country has to offer. You probably wouldn’t be able to get reservations for these fine establishments any other way.