Top 5 Dog-friendly restaurants in the Dallas area


Photo: Yelp

Whether your dog has anxiety when you leave the house or you simply want to treat him to a day out, Dallas has many dog-friendly restaurants you can check out!

When your four-legged pal is part of the family and you don’t want to leave him at home while you go out to eat, there are plenty of locations in the DFW dogs and pups are welcome!

The restaurants below are five of our favorite in Dallas. From scrumptious foods for both canines and humans to patios big enough to be a dog park your furry friend can play in, we highly recommend the following locations…

Cane Rosso

Address: 7328 Gaston Ave. #100, Dallas, TX 75214

Not only can you go to Cane Rosso for tasty food and cute dogs, the restaurant often gives to  charities that benefit dog rescues. While you enjoy your food, your pup can relax with a bowl of water nearby.

Mutts Canine Cantina

Address: 2889 Cityplace W. Blvd., Dallas, TX 75204

Craving a little treat? The menu at Mutts Canine Cantina caters to both you and your doggie friend! This restaurant also has a dog park where your pup can play while you finish your meal.

Photo: Sandy Perez

Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar

Address: 5100 Belt Line Rd. #500, Dallas, TX 75254

From this list, Lazy Dog is my personal favorite dog-friendly location in the DFW. This restaurant doesn’t only welcome dogs, it has treats available for pups and is decorated with photos (and statues) of dogs everywhere. Your furry friend will feel right at home!

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Truck Yard

Address: 5624 Sears St., Dallas, TX 75206

Dallas’ Truck Yard is food truck heaven for us and a fun retreat dogs! Almost the entire location is an outdoor patio where you dog can chill (preferably always on a leash) and enjoy an ice cream treat.

The Dream Cafe

Address:  2800 Routh St, Dallas North Pkwy., Dallas, TX 75254

The Dream Cafe can best be described by guests as the perfect spot to have breakfast (or lunch) with your four-legged pal. The servers and staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating, and the food (both for humans and pups) is delicious!

Have you visited any of the above dog-friendly locations? Do you have a personal favorite?