Sip on that, The Ritas give you the Lime-A-Rita straight talk


Sometimes your girlfriends aren’t willing to say it like it is. It’s time for some Lime-A-Rita straight talk from The Ritas.

Cocktail hour with friends is often the best time to relax and unwind. Over a refreshing Lime-A-Rita, girls can chat about guy troubles, work disasters or the dreaded relationships topic. Since your friends want to be supportive, they may not always tell it like it is. That’s where The Ritas come into save the day.

The Ritas are three well lived women who enjoy a good cocktail hour. Believing that life should be lived to its fullest, The Ritas don’t shy away from raising one of their favorite cocktails, a Lime-A-Rita. It doesn’t have to be Girls Night Out or the weekend to crack open a cold one and share a little wisdom.

For some of us, it takes a few sips of a Lime-A-Rita to let the “real” advice flow. Everyone has had those comments where you say what you really think. Personally, I call it losing your filter. When that “filter” is removed, those real words of wisdom could be just what your friend needs.

The Ritas enjoying a Lime-A-Rita, photo provided by Lime-A-Rita

When your friends, or even fri-enemies, won’t give you the real take on life, The Ritas are coming to the rescue. Using #RitaSays, these feisty women are sharing their wisdom on social media. Anyone can ask them a question using the hashtag. Reach out to them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. But, don’t expect a sugar coated, bless her heart, response. These ladies get to the point. Think Sofia from the Golden Girls. You can’t believe that she actually said those words, but you know that she is right.

When The Ritas aren’t bestowing their signature tell it like it is advice, they could be sitting by the pool sipping on a Lime-A-Rita or one of the other flavored –Ritas. These beverages are all about ease, personality and enjoying life. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to create an elaborate, craft cocktail. Open and drink is perfect for sunny days at the pool, watching movies on the couch or just because.

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In honor of these big personality women, a new Party with The Ritas party pack will soon be available. Since these ladies never shy away from some color, the new party pack will feature glass bottles. The bottles will let those brightly colored drinks shine through.

The Ritas campaign gets people back to the idea that sometimes everyone needs to take a step back. Sure, the 20 ingredient craft cocktail is great, but it isn’t the only option. Sometimes simplicity is a better choice. Just like sometimes people need some tough love, or real world advice. Haven’t you ever noticed that grandma’s words of wisdom, even though tough to hear, have a powerful truth? Wouldn’t you rather avoid that relationship disaster than waste your time?

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Are you ready to crack open a Lime-A-Rita and hear what The Ritas have to say? Can’t wait to hear what #RitaSays to our weekend dinner dilemma.