Lambay Irish Whiskey: Emerald Isle’s distinctive water of life


Time to move over American bourbon, Irish whiskey is ready for its moment. Lambay Irish Whiskey is the Emerald’s Isle distinctive water of life.

As the St. Patrick’s Day holiday approaches, more people explore Irish foods, flavors and Irish whiskey. Looking to the liquor’s origin, the Gaelic word for whiskey has been translated to mean water of life. The long, storied history of this libation can be traced back for centuries. While the creation process many be similar, not all Irish whiskeys are created equal. Lambay Irish Whiskey looks to cultivate the distinctive palate.

Specialty spirts, craft cocktails and nano-breweries are dominating the liquor marketplace. While brand with huge name recognition will always have a customer, more drinkers are looking for the different, new and better choices. Just like food trends, consumers want robust, unique and layered flavor profiles. These beverages look to make the cocktail hour or end of the day beverage a sipping experience.

Lambay Irish Whiskey: Emerald Isle’s distinctive water of life, photo provided by Lambay Irish whiskey

New to the market, Lambay Irish Whiskey offers depth of flavor unique to its distillation process. While all Irish whiskeys have malt notes, this particular brand’s single malt whiskey offers a distinct maritime flavor profile. Since the liquor matures on Lambay Island, the sea air permeates the casks. Just as a well-seasoned dish needs a dash of salt, the sea air adds that boost of flavor to the Lamabay Single Malt Irish Whiskey. While not briny, the salt air adds a subtle depth of flavor that is unique to this particular brand.

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Another aspect that sets Lambay Irish Whiskey apart from others is its use of cognac casks. Since the liquor is finished in French oak Cognac casks, the Irish whiskey has some vanilla notes from the cognac casks. While not overly sweet, the slight vanilla flavor balanced from the briny notes provided by the sea air. The Lambay Irish Whiskey is definitely a liquor to sip neat on its own.

While Lambay Irish Whiskey appeals to the sophisticated palate, the brand offers both a single malt and a small batch blend. The small batch blend offers a slight spice or peppery note in its flavor profile. Another a slight sweetness and ripe fruit flavors are highlighted, the slight spice offers a contrast to the sweetness. The small batch blend is a good introduction to this premium spirit due to the layered flavor notes.

Lambay Irish Whiskey: Emerald Isle’s distinctive water of life, photo provided by Lambay Irish whiskey

For the true Irish whiskey drinker, the single malt variety offers the superb taste that she wants. The rich mahogany color showcases the Cognac barrel aging. The malt offers a long, lingering finish without being over powering. The fruit flavors add a slight brightness to the vanilla sweetness from the Cognac barrels. This single malt is best enjoyed as a leisurely, lingering sip and savor.

Although many people have personal preferences, I would highly suggest enjoying Lambay Irish Whiskey without ice or other embellishment. With its Irish heritage, a vintage Waterford highball glass would showcase the color of the libation. To best appreciate the aroma, a tulip whiskey glass allows the bouquet to linger as you sip.

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Indulge your sophisticated palate in a refined Irish whiskey. Lambay Irish Whiskey is the new water of life that captures the beauty of the Emerald Isle.