Could turmeric milk be your next morning beverage?


Turmeric milk could be the next food trend that you will have to try. Could this anti-inflammatory beverage be your morning pick-me up?

The newest food trend, turmeric milk, could add a golden hue to your morning. Sometimes golden milk, turmeric milk is the next big beverage that everyone will be talking about. While it may not replace some people’s morning latte, the health benefits from this beverage could make you try it at least once.

Often used in savory dishes, turmeric is brightly golden colored and quite flavorful. From full-bodied curries to seasoning a side dish, this spice has a wide variety of uses. While the spice has been common in international cuisine, it is becoming more common in all types of cuisine.

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  • One of the reasons for more people trying this spice is the idea that turmeric offers anti-inflammatory properties. Also, some people believe that this spice helps with indigestion, liver issues and even the common cold. Overall, the spice seems to have some decent health benefits.

    This golden milk is warm drink that is similar to a chai latte. Usually, the milk used is a milk alternative, like coconut milk or almond milk. The milk is combined with the spice, honey, cinnamon, ginger and a few other ingredients. The slightly spicy drink still has a touch of sweetness, which makes it enjoyable to drink.

    While this drink is easily made at home, the food trend aspect means that ready to made versions will start hitting store shelves. Whether these drinks will truly offer anti-inflammatory properties or it is just hype, people will be willing to try the drink because it is a food trend. Maybe some people may enjoy the flavor, but others will be looking for the potential health benefits. Who wouldn’t want an easy, tasty solution to feel better?

    The bigger question will be how much people are willing to pay for this food trend. Most likely, a bottle of turmeric milk will cost $5 to $8. At what point does the cost outweigh the benefits? Only time will tell.

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    Have you tried turmeric milk or golden milk? What are your thoughts? Do you think that this food trend will be bigger than avocado toast?