Star Salvation: Who should return to Food Network Star?


Star Salvation has come to an end? Which Food Network Star finalist should return to the competition for a chance to win the Season 14 title?

Star Salvation gave eliminated Food Network Star finalists a second chance at stardom. This online series, hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli, has four finalists who have their dreams still alive. But, which one of the four could rejoin the competition?

In the final episode, the eliminated finalists had to turn an American classic into a hand-held, on the go version of the dish. The four finalists competing were Palak, Jess, Harrison and Chris. While each one had to create a classic dish in hand-held form, the dishes weren’t necessarily the best choice.

Contestants Chris Valdes, Christian Petroni, Harrison Bader, Jason Goldstein, Jess Tom, Katie Dixon, Manny Washington, Palak Patel, Rebekah Lingenfelser, Samone Lett, as seen on Food Network Star, Season 14.

Looking at the four dishes, Palak’s pork doughnut, based on pork chops and applesauce, was strange. I don’t think that anyone really wants a pork doughnut. A sausage doughnut could be a possibility, but this concept isn’t necessarily hand-held or wanted by anyone. Can you imagine trying to eat this food choice on the go?

The best representation of this challenge was definitely Jess’ cheeseburger samosas. Her concept was strong. It was easy to make, appeals to a wide audience and she was able to explain it well. Overall, Jess had the best presentation of the four.

Harrison’s dish was ok, but Thanksgiving in a bite is a little complicated. Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily a dish; it is a meal. I don’t know if I would want all those flavors and foods blending together into a hand held bite. More concerning was his presentation. A television host should never, ever use the word sweat.

Chris’ dish, mac n’ cheese bites, is too common. So many restaurant menus have this dish. As a Food Network Star, I want to see something more creative. Granted, I might not want to eat a pork doughnut, but I do think that dish has some creativity. But, his dish tasted good and was appropriate for the challenge.

Unfortunately, the winner of Star Salvation wasn’t revealed at the end of this web series. Fans will have to wait till tonight’s episode of Food Network Star to see who returns to the competition.

If I had to bet, the finalist returning to the competition will be Jess. Her dish was strong. Clearly, her presentation was the best of the four. Overall, Jess has both a culinary point of view as well as an ability to describe food. Given her background, she would be the best candidate.

While she struggled in some aspects of Food Network Star, she has done well in Star Salvation. Given the remaining finalists in the competition, she seems as strong as or stronger than Amy and Manny. Could she become one of the final three to make a pilot?

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Who do you think won Star Salvation? Don’t forget to watch tonight’s episode of Food Network Star.